White House Easter: Obama Tells Screaming Kids 'Bees Are Good'


On Monday, at the White House Easter Egg Roll, President Obama’s reading of Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are was interrupted by bees. The children in attendance screamed, because children and bees are natural enemies. The President urged them to stop screaming, because “bees are good,” and besides, wild things wouldn’t be afraid of bees. What a great day.

In addition to producing the best Politico headline of all time (“‘Bees are good,’ Obama says as children scream”), the weird holiday tradition produced some iconically weird shots of the President and First Lady placidly interacting with a grown person wearing an adult-sized bunny costume like this is just a thing that goes on in the White House when they’re kicking it at home.

While this year’s bunny performed the requisite photo ops, it wasn’t captured in as many resplendently creepy candid moments as last year’s. Now, I don’t want to point any fingers or malformed bunny finger-paws, but last year, Easter was on 4/20. Does that fact have any bearing on last year’s White House Easter Bunny being many times more excellent than all of the other recent White House Easter Bunnies? I’ll leave that for you to decide.

This shot is a PG-version of the basic plot of an entire subgenre of porn… I’ve heard.

Here’s the 2014 bunny pledging allegiance to the American flag, which is chill of him/her, since bunnies aren’t technically Americans.


Please enjoy the following images of lesser bunnies:

Holy Uncle Wiggly! Remember when our President was basically a baby?

Good blasé photobombing from this second-tier rabbit, though.

And who can forget this precious moment from the aughts?

It’s the only memory from the years 2002-late 2007 I have retained. And I graduated from college in 2005.

And finally, no half-assed White House Easter retrospective would be complete without a shot of Hillary Clinton’s ‘90s Power Bob. In this shot, she has the same mildly disdainful expression on her face that she had when social mores forced her to bake cookies on the campaign trail. Or maybe she’s just scared that the bunny closest to her left hand has the glassy and soulless eyes of Robert Durst and is carrying a shiv disguised as a carrot.

Unparalleled novelty Easter tie/statement necklace coordination from the Clintons, though. Can’t wait to have nightmares about this next year!

Images via Getty/AP.

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