Whitney Houston, Robyn Crawford, and Wendy Williams Walk Into an Alley…

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Whitney Houston, Robyn Crawford, and Wendy Williams Walk Into an Alley…
Me too, Wendy. Screenshot:Wendy Williams Show

Sometimes, when I’m despondent and gloomy, a thought haunts me. Humans will hopefully outlive these turbulent times and go on to achieve space travel, maybe even cure cancer—but there will never, ever be anyone as powerful as Whitney Houston. Ever again! It’s a sobering thought, and one I can’t escape since Robyn Crawford’s press tour for A Song For You, a memoir about her life with the late singer!

While appearing on Wendy Williams Tuesday morning, Crawford told a story of days past, when she and Houston would drive around listening to the radio. “Everyone lived by the radio back then,” Crawford explained. Often, they’d encounter the voice of a critical, know-it-all DJ who talked like she was “roommates” with the women. According to Crawford, Houston had some ideas on how they might handle the situation:

“We’d be in the car and Whitney would be like, ‘Who is she? Who is this woman? I don’t even know what she looks like!’ Our plan was to go down to Hudson Street … waiting for you right outside.”

The entire exchange is wild, but Wendy’s on-air realization that Whitney Houston almost jumped her is the sort of television even the most prestige creative visionaries couldn’t dream up. History was made in that moment!

While her death usually fills me up with gloom and leaves me despondent, face down, “Didn’t We Almost Have It All” on repeat—hope can still be found. If there is a heaven, it certainly exists for Whitney Houston. And up in the clouds, I hope she’s laughing her ass off at the look on Wendy’s face. [Page Six]

Looks fun! Photo:Backgrid

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello kissed with their eyes open as a Clippers game. The face-sucking itself is supposed to be the headline making news, but they smooch in front of cameras all the time! I’m much more interested in the physics of how they put their tongues in each others mouths, which seems as confusing to them as it is to me.

Anyways, Just Jared reports that the two enjoyed “a date night at the event held at Staples Center on Monday.” Earlier in the day, Shawn “picked up food from Erewhon Market after a boxing workout in Beverly Hills.” Riveting! They were also spotted by paps shortly after the game ended, looking like they had an extremely good time court-side. [Just Jared]

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