Whoopi Makes Funny Faces, Tyra Thinks You're A Geek


Whoopi is finally getting the hang of moderating The View, and she’s really getting comfortable. It’s not so much what she says everyday, but rather, the faces she makes in response to what the other ladies are saying that has made me fall in love with The View all over again. But I’m not on such great terms with Oprah. She was highly unclip-able this week, even though the topics of her episodes were pretty interesting, like Jessica Seinfeld’s new cookbook and Alexis Stewart’s fertility struggles. And then there’s Tyra. She had a somewhat infuriating discussion on pornography (although not as anti as her past episodes have been), a relatively long and boring interview with Melissa Etheridge, and then an episode all about male geeks. She also provided a quiz for viewers at home, to find out if you’re a geek. Check out how you measure up, after the jump.

So Tyra’s geek episode last Friday was supposed to be geek-positive, but of course, she gave the geeks makeovers.

She tried on one of the geek’s glasses. This screen grab sorta makes me want to be friends with her.

Oh, who am I kidding? All the screen grabs make me want to be friends with her!

Except this one. Her weave tracks on the bottom don’t match the ones on the top. Looks like someone else is in need of a makeover.

So this is the geek quiz, which Tyra filled out. See how you measure up:

Take the computer-version of the test here.

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