Will Ferrell's 'Ask Me Anything' on Reddit Is Pretty Great


Will Ferrell graced Reddit with his almighty comedic presence on Tuesday and the results are as hilarious as you would expect. Except no they are not—they’re funnier. So much funnier.

First off, Ferrell didn’t jump on the AMA bandwagon to promote any upcoming gigs—he was helping get word about for Cancer for College:

I could have done my FIRST-EVER AMA for lots and lots and lots of
things. Movies! My book! My sunscreen! My range of crocodile purses! But, this World Cancer Day, I wanted to support Cancer for College,
which helps provide college scholarships to cancer survivors.

Ferrell tackled one of the most pressing journalistic questions of all time, a question that dozens of politicians, celebrities and Hollywood movers and shakers have ducked for many years—”Does Mark Wahlberg smell nice?” He explained that Wahlberg’s “scent is a pleasing combination of vanilla and leather.” As a journalist I salute him for his integrity in this answer.

Ferrell also said the craziest party he ever went to was at Dave Coulier’s in 1992, right at the height of his Full House success. Whoa. Dave Coulier was a mad party dog. In fairness, all parties in the 90’s were insane because we had an infinite supply of House Party movies to guide us.


While your mind reconstitutes itself from a mushy pile of goo that just shot out of your ears from reading all that, check out what Ferrell had to say about Derek Zoolander’s magnum look:

Unfortunately it was a
closed set. At that point in time, the look was considered too powerful
to be around so only essential crew and safety people were allowed on
set. So…I could only imagine what it was like in person.

He also named a band, you guys.

I have always had a name for a band in my head that I’ve
never been able to give to anyone. So I will give it to your band. The
name of your band is…Jag Kor Bil. The first word is pronounced “ya”
(the g is silent), the next word is pronounced “shore” and the final
word is pronounced like it’s spelled. And it means, “I drive car.”

I can’t wait to see I Drive Car live. That should rock.

The whole AMA is here and of course, you can learn more about Cancer for College here.

Image via Getty Images.

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