Willow Palin's Homophobic Facebook Fight


TMZ, having reported on Willow Palin’s egregious use of homophobic slurs and terrible grammar on Facebook, is asking readers to grade “Sarah’s child rearing skills.” (A majority have given her an F). What happened, exactly?

The sixteen-year-old Palin leapt to her family’s defense after some guy she went to high school suggested their TLC show and Bristol’s Dancing With The Stars appearance were less than stellar. This was the sort of provocation she and Bristol were up against:

And a taste of how she responded (TMZ has pages and pages of screenshots):

She also said, “I’m sticking up for my family. How would you like it if I posted shit about your family? Soo stfu.”

She wouldn’t be the first teenager to use “faggot” and “gay” as an insult, although we’re going to go out on a limb and guess that neither Palin parents sat the kids down to talk about how it shouldn’t be used as such. You have to feel bad for the younger Palins — they didn’t ask for their notoriety, and though the financial and publicity benefits are copious, it probably doesn’t make up for that glaring spotlight and the fact that they’re made to answer for their mom’s choices.

Sarah Palin’s Daughter Willow Uses Homophobic Slurs [TMZ]

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