Willow Smith's New Song Features Wind Chimes, Smoking and Jaden


Even if its artist had spent more than a mere 13 years on this earth, the song Willow Smith has just released would still be considered pretty adult. Joined by her preferred musical partner, her 15-year-old brother and future member of the Kardashian family Jaden, Willow’s “5” will make you say Wild Wild West what?

“You’ve got the touch baby cause you’re the one/I can taste the smoke rollin off your lips/I inhale, see the stars and then I smell your kiss/Show me, show me your galaxy,” sings Willow on the track, which has some serious Erykah Badu vibes. Jaden took even greater liberties with his contribution: “We don’t have no parents of the misfits or foster kids/And we don’t have no friends cus all your fakies and narcissists,” he raps. What about Kylieeeeee Jaden? Oh, she’s old news: “Windows tinted, yea I like to look at all the women/Get hot, when the sun is on I’m summer sun in summer.” (Nice “Summer Fling” reference. Dad probably greatly appreciates it.)

Though for Willow the smell of smoke is maybe okay, for Jaden, it’s a dealbreaker: “I hate the fact you smoke cigarettes/Well girl let’s just stick to kissing and work out our differences.” Bottom line is that the smell of cigarettes evokes deep emotional connections but is bad for you and that it is winter but everyone wishes it was summer.

Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

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