Woman Arrested After Trying To Cut Tattoo From Boyfriend's Neck


Nineteen-year-old Tressa Amerson was jailed Friday night; cops say she and her boyfriend, Ronald Miner, “had been having ongoing relationship problems for the past week.” But things got really bad on Friday.

Tressa allegedly took a paring knife to her boyfriend’s throat. Why? According to Ronald: “she attempted to cut the tattoo of her name off his neck.”

According to The Smoking Gun, Ronald got the 2″ x 2″ “Tressa” tattoo in late July. He’s been dating Tressa for about a year. And:

Asked if he considered Amerson his girlfriend, Miner replied, “kinda, sorta, not really,” before adding, “she’s pretty crazy.”

Cops: Woman Tried To Carve Beau’s Tat [The Smoking Gun]

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