Womb Watch: Beyoncé Is Drinking Wine So She's Totally Not Pregs


In case you didn’t know, Beyoncé has been using the “a picture says 1000 words” method of communication regarding pregnancy rumors (maybe?) on her Tumblr. Last week she posted a shot of a “noticeable” dish of tuna salad, a “controversial” food item for expecting women because of its high mercury level. Today she posted a photo of (what I’m assuming is a super fancy) wine label, and another one of her sitting on her husbad Jay-Z’s lap while sipping a glass of it. But whatever, they’re in Europe. They do that there!

So unless she just comes right out and says she’s not pregnant (as Jay-Z already has) everyone will have no other choice than to continue to insist that she is pregnant. (This time. That last pregnancy was fake.)

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