Women's Website Is Very Concerned About Health Of Heavy Celebrities


You’ll be glad to know that, along with Perez Hilton’s gallery of “creepy women,” this week we can read on Blisstree about “10 Overweight Celebrities We Don’t Want to Look Like.” But unlike Mario, they’re concerned.

From the article’s intro:

Sure, the tabloids love pointing out celebs’ weight issues (net gains and losses), but they usually only focus on the health issues of skinny stars. Rarely do you see a magazine mention Jonah Hill’s possible diabetes risk – instead it’s whether or not Megan Fox is anorexic. That’s why we’re here with yet another gallery of 10 celebrities we don’t want to look like. But this time, it’s not because of their Franken-faces. It’s because of the many health risks posed by their being overweight – including diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and early death.

Any concerns about the offensive, inaccurate absurdity of judging peoples’ health based on their appearance aside, we’re glad to see something counteracting the irresponsible barrage of media urging us to try to look like Jonah Hill and Rosie O’Donnell. Really, it was getting exhausting, all those “how to get a Zach Galifianakis beach body” stories. And just maybe, it’ll help these celebrities realize that they’re being judged: it’s not like Mario Batali and Kirstie Alley have launched very public struggles with their weight or anything. And not as though Nikki Blonsky’s the star of a show specifically geared, ironically, towards addressing this sort of mean-spirited, prejudiced thinking. We’re also glad that a post that sets itself against tabloid snarkiness is dispensing helpful advice like “Perhaps Jorge Garcia needs to be left on a dessert, er, desert island for a few months?”

Blogger Stephanie Marcus describes eloquently part of what’s so distressing about the post:

Here we have ten celebrities who despite their larger bodies DID make it in Hollywood: It is notable however that almost all of them are comics – the one area of the entertainment industry that tolerates some extra flesh. Here we have ten talented people who by most accounts have “success.” But they aren’t thin so it’s ok to bash them under the guise of “health concerns.”

But hey, don’t get them wrong. “While actress Nikki Blonsky is rallying for social acceptance of overweight people on her TV show Huge (which we’re all for), we wish she’d push for being health-conscious, too.” If you take one thing away from this post, it should be the fact that this sentence exists, in all disingenuousness. Really, we’d just as soon take Perez’s open snark.

10 Overweight Celebrities We Don’t Want To Look Like [Blisstree]
Body Shaming From A Lady Blog: [Stephanie Marcus]

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