Won't Someone Please Let Halsey Into the Club?

Won't Someone Please Let Halsey Into the Club?
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Halsey, fresh off of suggesting someone maybe do another 9/11, could not get into a club in Miami this weekend. These two events are probably not related, though it would be great for the blog business if they were.

Page Six reports that on Saturday, Halsey, who was in Miami to perform at a pre-Super Bowl event, tried to get into E11even, which I am told is a night club of some repute. The night club is of so much repute, in fact, that the club reportedly told Halsey they didn’t have enough room for her.

Page Six says:

We’re told there were no tables available when the “Bad At Love” singer wanted to show up with her crew at around 4 a.m.

Wild! If Halsey can’t get into The Club, who can? Not Marc Anthony, apparently, at least not right away:

We also hear Marc Anthony showed up and had to wait to get inside. He eventually made it onto a table and brought his own cooler filled with Bud Light.

Celebrities, waiting behind the velvet ropes like normals? Next you’ll be telling me they shop for home decor themselves, also like normals! Inconceivable. If a celebrity with a few great singles and also some less great ones can’t get into an establishment, who can? Certainly not me, not that I have any desire to go anywhere that is not directly within a two-block radius of my apartment, but.

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