World Cup Condoms Are Selling Like Sexy Brazilian Hotcakes


There’s just something about major sporting events that makes people wanna do it. Exhibit A: The brisk sales of (unofficial!) special edition World Cup condoms, which are Brazilian green and yellow and taste like a Caipirinha, the country’s national cocktail.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the condoms, made by Karex and distributed under the “Prudence” label, were produced in partnership with safe-sex nonprofit DKT International, to target the crowds gathering in Brazil for the World Cup. Since their February debut, something like 2.1 million condoms have sold (or 700,000 packs of three). Karex CEO Goh Miah Kiat said sales in Brazil are up 25 percent this year. That’s a lot of boning!

Or maybe it’s just a lot of tourists. As the Journal points out, condoms make a good cheap souvenir. Given the color scheme makes your dick look like it’s rotting off, that’s probably the best use of the condoms:

Whether they’re used or saved doesn’t seem to matter much to DKT; the point is getting the word out. “Major sports or cultural events attract a great number of people and garner much attention, providing a good opportunity to spread a pleasurable and fun safe-sex message,” said DKT’s ops director for Brazil, Daniel Marun.

Public health officials were also taking advantage of the high spirits and big crowds—the Sidney Morning Herald reports that, as part of UNAIDS’ “Protect the Goal” campaign, they’ve set up stations offering rapid HIV tests as well as condoms and emergency antiretrovirals. “The fact that it’s the Cup lightens the mood a bit. People say ‘Hey I’m going to watch the game, I’m having fun, why not get tested too?'” explained an official.

Maybe somebody should look after all those athletes though: According to the CBC, World Cup team hotels are running low on rubbers. So if you get the chance to console a sweaty, downcast footballer, make sure you come prepared.

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