Would Y'all Let Dr. Wendy Live, Damn: A Chat With RHOP's Most Educated 'Housewife'


It’s interesting to see which Real Housewives of Potomac cast members get the most criticism on Twitter each week. After her altercation with Monique, Candiace received a fair amount of jabs and Gizelle is consistently called out for stirring the pot in everyone else’s relationship except her own. But even though Sunday’s episode gave us court cases, witness statements, and backstabbing disguised as sisterly support, viewers still couldn’t miss an opportunity to drag Wendy and her degrees.

Per Bravo’s shady montage scenes, RHOP’s newest cast member Dr. Wendy Osefo has brought up her education a fair degree, pun intended. But what is it about Osefo’s four degrees that gets under everyone’s skin—and what does it say about acceptable housewife behavior?

“This show is predicated on women coming on, talking about how many cars they have, how many houses they have,” Osefo told Jezebel. “A few episodes ago we had one of my cast members saying ‘I’m married to a millionaire.’ No one said anything. To me that’s boastful.”

“But I come on this platform and I say—you know what—there’s financial wealth, but there’s also something called educational wealth and I possess that and I’m proud of it,” Osefo added.

(Personally, If I’m tired of hearing about anything on this show it’s Karen and Ray’s sex life and Michael’s first, second, and seven hundredth “indiscretion,” but I digress.)

In the video above, Osefo talks about her transition from political commentator to housewife, the new politics of reality TV, and why people are more mad about her degrees than the dragging Monique gave Candiace.

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