Would You Have Sex With This Chic Fashion Santa? 


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The Internet has been lit ablaze over Paul Mason, a Canadian model with a jolly white beard who is currently making appearances as “Fashion Santa” at Toronto’s Yorkdale Shopping Center.

Here is 2015’s sexiest Santa with some fans, in a layered, understated spin on the traditional Santa suit:

Here he is pre-makeout:

Here he is on the cover of a magazine:

Here he is brushing his teeth:

Here he is with no pants on:

Wow! I mean, who doesn’t want to fuck Santa in general, right? He’s already in your living room, and he is really good with animals! “Santa’s younger brother—the thinner version,” as Fashion Santa refers to himself, would therefore seem like a no-brainer, but the Jezebel staff has some qualms:

Anna Merlan: Hm

Anna: Yeah dude

Jia Tolentino: No

Kate Dries: Would he be wearing the Santa thing

Kelly Faircloth: Nope

Joanna Rothkopf: Could I shave his beard

Me: That’s between you and him

Kate Dries: Ummmmm, maybe

Kate: It depends on the circumstances

Jia: I have an anti-Santa thing

Jia: Can I see his dick first

Anna: The way he’s dragging that tree makes him appear sexually competent

Emma Carmichael: I…

Jia: This is my strongest no of the entire series

Anna: Stronger than Ted Cruz huh Jia

Jia: Mayyybe yeah

Julianne Escobedo Shepherd: He looks like the kind of East Village guy who, you go to his house and there’s an arsenal of guns in his apartment and he has cardboard over all the windows


Madeleine Davies: Would without the beard

Madeleine: Wouldn’t with the beard

Joanna: Yeah I would w/o beard, w/o Santa references

Jia: I like hate Santa

Kate: I can see having a little too much punch and feeling festive…

Joanna: Christmas spirit is hot Santa’s biggest aphrodisiac I bet

Joanna: Picture him nude with just a long beard and hair

Kelly Faircloth: Honestly I would fuck a jolly fat grandpa Santa before fucking a sexy hip Santa

Kelly: Sexy hip Santa is trying too hard

Clover Hope: Santa’s a creep

Wow, turns out the war on Christmas is real! Would you allow this generous senior to investigate your chimney?

Embed was removed for legal reasons
Last time on Would U?, we asked: Would you have sex with the newly-bearded Paul Ryan? 47% answered “No, I would never have sex with Paul Ryan,” 30% said “Yes, his beard changed everything,” 19% said “Yes, I would have sex with any version of Paul Ryan,” and 4% said “No, that beard would give me a rash.”

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Image via screenshot/Giphy; animation by Bobby Finger.

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