Would You Listen To A Woman Speak For 5 Seconds For A Klondike Bar?


I don’t tend to watch a lot of commercials, so I usually miss out on ‘gems’ like this.

Thankfully, I was able to catch this one a few days ago and react to it with a “whoa” followed by a “seriously?”

If advertising aims to show us what we aspire to be, kudos to them for encouraging men to listen to their wives drone on and on about the color of their foyer (“I know, it’s yellow.”) and whatever they just said about squash, in order to get to the “glory” of being cheered on by ‘hotter’ women in mini-dresses rewarding him for enduring the painful process of listening to his partner for more than four seconds without punching himself in the face.

Oh yeah, and he also gets a Klondike bar in a new flavor or something.

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