You Decide: What's The Next "It" Sweet?


Pie has beaten cake, but the arrival of (reportedly mobbed) urban pie shops can only mean the beginning of the end. And cupcakes are spawning backlash. A number of contenders have arisen, but what’s the real next sweet treat trend?

Blogger John Durant’s screed against the cupcake seems a little misguided, not least because it’s based on the idea that baked goods should not be enjoyed in everyday settings. I’m far from convinced that eating cake on unbirthdays is destroying society, but the real problem with Durant’s post is illustrated by his link to these Sex and the City cupcakes. Just like SATC, cupcakes have jumped the shark. Predictions of the next cupcake have gone through several iterations (and denials), and today cupcakes are more likely to spawn an acrimonious Twitter feud than an enraptured trend piece. So what confection will next capture our nation’s palates? In the communitarian spirit of Pie vs. Cake, let’s vote!

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And yes, that last one is real.

Vote now! Vote often! Vote with your gut, your heart, and your blood-sugar levels! If you choose to write in your own candidate, feel free to explain your choice in the comments. Polls close tomorrow, June 22, at 11pm EDT.

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