Young Hollywood Brings Glam, Glitz, WTF To Star Mag Fete


“Young Hollywood” parties always bring out some doozies, and this one – Star Magazine’s First Annual Young Hollywood Issue, feted at L.A.’s Apple Lounge – was no exception! Two words: Bai Ling.

The Good:

Poor Jewel’s injury means she can’t be on Dancing with the Stars! At least her LBD is cute.

Katie Cleary’s little number is pure glam.

It’s standard practice to put Heidi Montag and her Barbie togs in “Bad,” but really, she looks pretty! Even if the Marilyn white is a bit much…

I’m no lover of purple, as we know, but Tamara Mowry’s jersey is easy, breezy and cute.

The Bad:

The colors are a bit too wild, the cuts a bit too immodest, for “good” status…but Bai Ling is looking awfully demure!

Allie Gonino was clearly a Lisa Frank fan.

Anya Monzikova’s confusing separates can’t decide between peasant girl and geisha.

What Say You?

Kristen Cavallari: adventurous and cute, or a bridge too far?

[Images via Getty]

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