Your Appliances Are Trying to Kill You While You Sleep


Yes, that includes your precious iPhone. Turns out, she he IT doesn’t care whether you live or die!

“Many appliances have fail-safe technology, like cutoff switches that are supposed to power down a dishwasher when it overheats,” said Scott Wolfson, of the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission. “But there have been incidents that cause concern in which consumers may need to take direct action themselves, like directly unplugging the appliance because of the experience of seeing smoke.”

It’s not just heat-producing appliances that are a risk — your cell phone charger can easily walk into the room and strangle you. Or, you know, spark and catch on fire and suffocate or burn you.

Moral of the story: TRUST NO APPLIANCE. (Or charge them when you’re awake and around.)

[NY Times]


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