Your Evening Happy Cry: Baby Sea Turtles Make Their Way to the Ocean


Well, here’s a magical way to wrap up the day. Every year hundreds of baby loggerhead turtles hatch on the beaches of the the isle of Bonair in the Caribbean, and this year they needed some help.

“This group of baby turtles hatched on a beach next to an airport,” Dr. Sue Willis, the program director of Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire, told ABC.

“After the turtles hatch they crawl towards the brightest light they see, which is usually the moon over the ocean. But the airport’s bright lights distract the turtles and make them crawl in the wrong direction. Two years ago we lost an entire group of hatchlings after they crawled onto a busy road,” said Willis.

Now, volunteers line the beach and shepherd the littlest angels into the ocean. Look at this display of awesome humanity/turtledom:


[ABC, Baby loggerhead turtles – Bonaire from Nathalia Castro on Vimeo]

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