Your Morning Cry: Injured Kitten's Life Was Saved By Crocheted Rehab


We need this today.

A teeny rescue cat inside a mushroom costume is giving Lil Bub a run for her #1 Internet Winner money. It’s JUST like All About Eve, you guys.

When little Wasabi-Chan was rescued from a crow attack, she had already suffered a fractured upper jaw and a split tongue, according to Redditor histak. She had to be fed by catheter, and after she continuously struggled to extricate herself from the feeding tube, the various crocheted costumes happened as a last resort (albeit an adorable one — especially the mushroom).

The good news is, Wasabi has recovered and is now doing great, up from from 210 grams to 400 grams — she also has her own Instagram page.

[via Mashable, lede img via Instagram]

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