Your Morning Happy Cry: This Father-Son Team Is the Best


Rasan Portlock and his 10-year-old Ryheim spoke to Today about the positive changes they’ve seen in the educational system at Devonshire Elementary School in Charlotte, N.C. The interview is filled with so much love and admiration that your heart will most likely double in size and then hug itself.

“I’m proud of him. I got his back as far as it goes and whatever he needs, I’m going to give it to him but I’m not going to force him. I’m not going to force him or tell him what to be,” Rasan says near the end of the interview.

Watch the whole thing immediately, and then come back so we can cry about how sometimes people are pretty fucking great. Also, we can formulate our plans to get adopted into that family — I’m willing to walk on my knees for the rest of my days if need be.

[The Grio]

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