YouTube Is Now Trying to Be a Force for Good 


YouTube has had a pretty rough couple of months. In addition to the fact that several news outlets reported on the platform’s inappropriate content directed at children, one of the site’s top celebrities, Logan Paul, posted a deeply offensive video goofing off in Japan’s suicide forest. Not to mention the platform is also host to a burgeoning community of far-right pundits.

Despite the fact that their platform is massive, YouTube has some cleaning up to do. And they’re starting by investing money in creators who can help bring some class to the network. YouTube announced it’s putting $5 million in its Creators for Change program, which it launched in 2016. The program will help produce and market YouTubers whose videos “counter hate and promote tolerance.”

Some of those creators include Dina Tokio, a British, Muslim beauty vlogger, and Rosianna Rojas, who recently documented stories about refugees in Colombia. After the Paul scandal, YouTube also announced they were changing the criteria for which users could monetize their videos, promising that videos would be manually reviewed. But until YouTube stops rewarding content creators like these dudes, I don’t know if the platform can ever be a force for good.

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