Zach Galifianakis Says He's Grossed Out by the Likes of Louis C.K.

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In a profile published by New York Magazine’s culture vertical Vulture on Sunday, Zach Galifianakis expressed an opinion about Louis C.K., with whom he co-created the FX show Baskets (Jonathan Krisel is also a co-creator), now about to enter its third season. In November, following allegations of sexual misconduct against C.K. and his own admission that “these stories are true,” FX severed all ties with the comedian.

When asked about the fallout from the C.K. revelations, Galifianakis told Vulture, “It was so disruptive in a harmful way to so many people. We just kind of put our heads down and worked on the new season.”

There followed a loaded pause, after which Galifianakis reportedly went on:

“This is the poison of celebrity culture: The fact that someone can think that just because they’re loved, they can do what they want. It grosses me out. That’s all I want to say.”

Also, for the record, Galifianakis’s parents think the show is called “Buckets.”


Apparently Bill Cosby is on Twitter! Has been for a while.

And—speaking of not noticing Cosby’s Twitter account until now—holy crap, what??


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