10 Cheesy TV Show Opening Credits

Even our own nostalgia for these TV shows doesn’t mean we forgive—or even understand the WTF-ness of—their opening credits. After the jump, a rundown of some of the most offensive.

1.) Full House, obvs. What didn’t make the list was Taradise — Tara Reid’s now defunct travel show — but that’s only because I scoured the internet for it and it’s NOWHERE to be found. Anyway, here’s the rest of the list.

2.) Here’s Blossom, and her face.

3.) Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches has maybe the worst/best song.

4.) I cannot even wrap my mind around the intro for the latest installment of The Real World/Road Rules Challenge. I don’t know if I should mock them, or applaud them for keeping straight faces during their performances.

5.) Remember when Oprah sang her own theme song with Patti LaBelle? I tried to find the actual opening sequence used for the show, but Oprah controls the world and internet now, so we’ll have to do with this.

6.) I genuinely like the theme song for the canceled soap Passions, but it gives no indication that this show involves sorcery and dolls who come to life as little people.

7.) I love to hate staged opening credits that feature cast members doing things, and then stopping and looking at the camera. Case in point: Family Matters

9.) I find Night Court to be guilty of this as well.

10.) Even though Ray Charles was obviously still alive when this Designing Women theme was filmed, it looks like they’re all hanging out with him in heaven.

Bonus:I don’t know why I loved Zoobilee Zoo so much as a child, because really, I should have been terrified.

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