10 Great Shows to Help You Escape the Twitter Karens This Week

The Karens are loud, but on full blast, these shows can be louder.

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It hasn’t even been 48 hours since the Oscars, and I’m already tired of the hum of Twitter Karens sharing their Wonder Bread whims on “The Slap.” On behalf of the Black Twitter collective, we’ve had our fill of spoiled mayonnaise hypotheses about Betty White’s hip and hypocritical statements on violence and civility for which none of us asked. Frankly, we’re over it and ready for the next scandal so “hot takes by Becks” and Judd Apatow can end.

I, for one, will be retreating into the world of white collar thievery, privileged criminal activity, good orgasms, and God Save the Queen, while cleansing my palate with messy one-night-stands and Black girl superheroes. Twitter is a wild place right now, fam, so allow me to save you from yourself. You’ll only regret that clap back you’re dying to post when you sober up in the morning. If you’re like me and need a break, here’s a list of TV series to help you hush those hot-breathed Karen whispers that go bump in the night.

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