10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, Sarah Palin can’t quite grasp that the word is not “nucular,” an Easter bunny gets attacked, and Liam Neeson gives Justin Bieber the finger on live TV.

1.) “Mommy, what is a vagina?”
This was Oprah’s parental advisory. First of all, it’s totally OK if kids know what a vagina is. It’s like knowing what a nostril or an ear is (with the same basic rules of not sticking anything in them you’re not supposed to). Secondly, as if a kid would overhear “vagina” and not “vajayjay.”

2.) “Nucular”

3.) Liam Neeson released the Kraken and the bird on Justin Bieber.
It’s my personal estimation that he was shit-faced on Watch What Happens.

4.) An Easter bunny was attacked.
The best part is the indignant editorializing on the part of the Good Day reporter.

5.) Lindsay Lohan is “not drunk.”
Specifically: “I’m not drunk, you can’t say that.” I love that this is her go-to response, basically for anything and everything.

6.) In other Lohan news…
What the fuck is going on here? I understand the words, and I recognize the names, but other than that, it’s Greek to me. Apparently, Michael Lohan will be punching a woman because Hailey Glassman is Jewish. Um…I don’t mean to pull a Lindsay, but seriously, “I’m not drunk, you can’t say that.”

7.) Former Top Model on Real Housewives of New York
Did anyone recognize Catie from Cycle 2 in the millisecond that she was shown last night? It’s been six years since she was on ANTM. If the best she can do is an audition for Brooklyn Fashion Weekend, then she should maybe start trying to move on.

8.) A 16-year-old stripper almost made Tyra lose her mind.
Later in the episode, the girl told Tyra that she sells naked pictures of herself for $5, isn’t opposed to having sex for money, and would love to get into porn. I know that Tyra has a Christ complex or whatever, but she told this girl to her face that she’s not normal. Hello, Kettle? I have The Pot on line one for you.

9.) André Leon Talley wore this outfit on The View.

He was there to introduce some of his favorite fashions for the season. This was one of them. He told women to cover their faces! I enjoy him.

10.) Postpartum depression
I don’t even have a baby, and I feel like this pretty often.

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