10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, James Franco plummets to his death on General Hospital, Stephen Colbert and Andy Cohen reenact a Real Housewives scene, and dogs that sniff butts for cancer.

1.) Stephen Colbert and Andy Cohen reenact the Bethenny and Kelly “I’m up here” fight.

This is working for me on so many levels, including up here and down here.

2.) Lady almost orgasms on The Joy Behar Show.
But my favorite is the ancient, brazen hussy on the right.

3.) Warren Jeffs is a kinky kind of pedophile.
He used to make kids flex their butt muscles at other kids, which means he’s either a pervert or he’s just into isometrics.

4.) Ew.
This teaser kept rerunning all through Dr. Phil, Judge Judy, and the first half of the local evening news. It’s about dogs that can “sniff out prostate cancer.” Prostates are way up the butt, right? Yeah.

5.) For Big Brother fans…
AHHHH! Andrew’s awkwardness and poor timing rules. I really wish he wasn’t evicted. On the live feeds later that night, the house guests were saying that Andrew is planning on marketing his own brand of yarmulkes. I’m neither Jewish, nor a man, but I sort of want one. Maybe I’ll get two and use them as giant pasties.

6.) Sean Hannity wouldn’t want to interview President Obama.
Because he feels like he wouldn’t be allowed to interrupt him. Literally.

7.) This Ford commercial’s song blatantly rips off “Poker Face.”

8.) And this AT&T commercial admits to ripping off Cristo.
I guess after some pressure, AT&T added this disclaimer at the end of their ad saying, “The artists Cristo and Jeanne-Claude have no direct or indirect affiliation or involvement with AT&T.”

But seriously, if I were Debbie, I’d think Donna was a bitch. But I’m me, so I think Donna has a point.

10.) James Franco makes dying seem funny.
But this is a soap, so maybe he’s not dead. Maybe it was his twin.

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