10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, Naomi Campbell is a huge Real Housewives fan, Fantasia gets real with Wendy Williams about her suicide attempt, and Jerry Lewis is a grumpy old man.

1.) Naomi Campbell loves The Real Housewives.
And she thinks that Teresa Giudice is a good role model! We learned this when she called in to the season premiere of Watch What Happens. Also, she said she totally gets why Teresa pushed Andy off of her at the reunion.

2.) Ben Weiner!
We had to wait all summer for him to get back from camp, but preteen Real Housewives superfan Ben Weiner finally appeared live on Watch What Happens.

3.) Babs returns
Barbara Walters returned full-time to The View this week, bursting with energy from her new cow heart.

4.) Fantasia candidly discusses her suicide attempt.
Wendy Williams’ balls are admirable.

5.) Johnny Weir’s closet
I know that he never says that he’s gay, maybe because he thinks it’s so obvious that it would be stupid to even address it, but in this commercial, Johnny Weir pretty much came out of the closet but walking into one.

6.) Jerry Lewis is an ornery old fuck.
On Inside Edition, he discussed the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton and how he would want to slap them. He’s grumpy, but also has a point.

7.) Lionel
This time he’s worked up about how the mainstream media repackages the same news stories over and over again. It’s funny how he criticizes legitimate news organizations while on a Mickey Mouse network like WPix.

8.) Model fail
Have you seen these H&M commercials? I thought the point of modeling was to entice people to want to buy it. This girl makes it seem like the pockets on this trench coat are impossible to work.

9.) Again with the Salahis
Now Michaele and her weirdo husband are being coy about whether or not she’ll pose for Playboy. To give you an idea of how credible they are, their attorney is Lisa Bloom, the same lady who has a regular gig on The Insider and is also Michael Lohan’s attorney.

10.) Obligatory old lady video of the week
This one has to deal with horse therapy. They don’t explain why the horse is indoors. Or why it acts like a puppy, licking her face.

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