10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, Dolly Parton makes Nate Berkus cry, Teresa Giudice goes on Dr. Phil to talk about racial stereotyping, Barbara Walters is at her best when she’s around children.

1.) Barbara Walters interacts with children.
A Barbara Walters special—the likes of which are unfortunately few and far between, these days—aired on 20/20, investigating Progeria, a rare genetic condition that rapidly ages the body. It’s a sad disease and all, but watching Babs talking to kids will always turn a frown upside down.

2.) Dolly Parton made Nate Berkus cry.
This man’s wife died in childbirth, while the twins she had been carrying survived. They all went on The Nate Berkus Show, where Dolly sang the widower’s late wife’s favorite song, “I Will Always Love You,” and everyone got very emotional. It’s amazing how much her voice has held up in comparison to Whitney Houston’s. Actually, it’s not amazing—it’s crack.

3.) Dolly Parton made Nate Berkus laugh.

4.) Teresa Giudice on Italians’ contribution to culture.
While on Dr. Phil to talk about racial stereotypes, everyone was bugging out about the representations of Italian-Americans on reality shows. One woman mentioned that Italians—like renaissance artists—have contributed a lot to our culture. Teresa chimed in, “Yeah like Picasso, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, pizza…” Picasso was Spanish. Pizza is still a delicious contribution, though.

5.) Snooki talks about her old body and her new hair.

6.) Victoria Beckham swallows.
Joy Behar asked Scary Spice if Posh eats. She said that she does.

7.) Betty White Vs. Doris Roberts
Entertainment media peeps are actually trying to stir up a catfight between these two women. I guess because they’re both old and blond?

8.) The eyes have it.
Ramona used her most prominent assets to answer a question about Danielle Staub on Watch What Happens.

9.) “Bragade”
Big Brother ended this week, and three out of four members of an alliance that had named themselves “The Brigade” made it to the finals. A bunch of them crafted homemade T-shirts, misspelling the name of their alliance.

10.) Little old lady of the week.
A 76-year-old woman made it into the Guinness World Records for being the oldest acrobatic salsa dancer. What that means is that she puts her vagina in her partner’s face a lot.

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