2 Women Allege That Cardi B Ordered Attacks on Them as the Offset Cheating Saga Continues

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The Offset cheating story, an epic of love and sorrow which has inspired both beautiful music and social media warfare, may extend into a courtroom, it seems. A bartender named Jade alleges that Cardi B twice set a group of people to attack her for supposedly sleeping with Offset, which Jade denies.

According to TMZ, Jade says that Cardi B has been threatening her on Instagram for months; there was an alleged June run-in at an Atlanta hotel where Cardi B accused her of sleeping with Offset; Jade claims that on August 15, a group of five people “associated with Cardi” attacked her at the Queens strip club where she works; and again at the club on Wednesday, Jade and her sister Baddie Gi allege that both were attacked by other people in Cardi B’s presence with bottles and chairs, “causing serious injuries.” TMZ writes that they are filing a police report naming Cardi B, and their lawyer tells the outlet that he is considering filing a lawsuit.


Vanessa Marquez, possibly the Vanessa Marquez who played Nurse Wendy Goldman on ER, was shot and killed by the police after she pointed a handgun-shaped BB gun at them, the Los Angeles Times reports. Her landlord had called police to her apartment where she was reportedly suffering from seizures and a possible mental health emergency. People maintains that it’s still unclear whether she is the actor who appeared in three seasons of ER or another woman with the same name.

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