6-Year-Old Girl Dropped From Cheerleading Squad After Mother Protests Racy Cheer


“Our backs ache, our skirts are too tight, we shake our booties from left to right!” Does this sound like a cheer a 6-year-old girl should be performing? Kennedy Tesch’s mother didn’t think so, and decided to say something.

Jennifer Tesche, of Madison Heights, Michigan, thought the cheer was “inappropriate. It’s suggestive and outdated,” and decided, after she claimed she was dismissed by the organization, to bring her concerns about the cheer to the local media, a move that the local cheerleading league was none too happy about:

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Susan Murdock of the Wolverine Flag Cheerleading League, the organization that decided that the appropriate response to Tesche’s actions was not to drop the offensive cheer, but to kick a 6-year-old off of the team sums their reaction up as thus: “This is like a family and to me if you attack your family what are you going to do? You know people are going to be upset.” Coach Lisa Ernest also dubbed Tesch a “lunatic” on a local radio show. Kennedy will be allowed to rejoin the team next year, after a season “on probation,” which, as everyone knows, is totally the classy and adult way to handle a parents’ concerns. Nothing says “this is like a family” quite like telling a six-year-old she can’t play anymore because her mother, you know, doesn’t want her singing about having an aching back and a tight skirt while she shakes her booty.

Ernest tells ABCNews that the “booty” aspect of the cheer wasn’t even Tesch’s main concern, explaining that Tesch seemed to have a bigger problem with the aching back and the tight skirt, but honestly? Who cares? The fact is that a parent was uncomfortable with a suggestive cheer that her child was being asked to perform on a regular basis, and the only lesson that was really taught to her daughter here was that speaking out about your concerns is a one-way ticket to punishment. Tesch tells CBS that she’s trying to make it clear to Kennedy that none of this is her fault: “You know, when I finally told her the other day that they kicked her off the team, you know, I made sure to know it was nothing she did. She wasn’t being punished. Just that people are mad and Mommy and Daddy. And because of that, we were going to have to not be able to go back.”

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