A Coast Guardsman Proposed on GMA Today (Plus Jason Derulo Was There)


The morning talk show ratings war is still on and in order to win, Good Morning America has made it their mission to win the hearts of Americans by dominating the weird proposal market. Monday’s Veteran’s Day-inspired entry: getting a member of the Coast Guard to propose to his girlfriend via a performance by Jason Derulo (alternative spelling: JAYsonnnnnn DArulllOOOO).

After hyping the surprise proposal from Sam Peikert to his girlfriend Jackie Fairchild for the entire episode, GMA finally snuck it in at the end. As Derulo crooned his song “Marry Me,” Peikert got down on one knee to propose to Jackie, who had finally started to get why they were watching a Jason Derulo performance as a way to celebrate Peikert being named Coast Guardsman of the Year. That hour-long hair and makeup process was not for nothing!

Considering how much they hyped the proposal all morning and given that Peikert knew that Fairchild actually doesn’t like it when people look at her, the whole thing turned out to be weirdly understated. Since Derulo was singing, you couldn’t actually hear what Peikert was saying, if he said anything at all. Fairchild looked a little overwhelmed but then nodded and smiled.

After the proposal, Fairchild was asked almost immediately if it had “sunk in at all,” to which she replied, “No, I am still in shock, definitely.” She was also told that David’s Bridal will be paying for her wedding dress and is offering a 20% discount to veterans through this Friday. We’d expect nothing less from the network that airs The Bachelor.

Why Derulo’s involvement? Well, besides his very aptly titled song, he’s working on some sort of endeavor called Every Moment Counts which he did not describe in any articulate way whatsoever but is a USO project that provides assistance to veterans and asks Americans to help make more moments like this one happen for them on a more regular basis.

This proposal was very sweet and all, sans Derulo. Seriously, what is up with this guy? He is maybe the weirdest R&B performer out there right now and that’s saying a lot.

Surprise Proposal Shocks Unsuspecting Girlfriend on Veteran’s Day [GMA]

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