A Republican Presidential Candidate’s Pregnant Wife Fainted at His Announcement Speech

It took Rollan Roberts II a few seconds too long to go to her.

A Republican Presidential Candidate’s Pregnant Wife Fainted at His Announcement Speech
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A lowly state senator from West Virginia is running for the Republican nomination in 2024, but his wife has already stolen the spotlight from him. At Rollan Roberts II’s announcement speech on Jan. 2 , his pregnant wife literally fainted behind him, taking Old Glory down with her. And, frankly, it took him a beat too long to go to her.

It is surreal to watch it play out: Imagine showing up to your nobody-politician husband’s announcement speech in four-inch heels while pregnant. And then he doesn’t immediately drop his speech when you very audibly fall??? Rebecca Lea Roberts, who is due July 2, according to the campaign website, literally took the American flag down with her.

Thank god for Twitter, because Roberts scrubbed the incident from the YouTube video he published of his announcement speech.

Outside of this incident, Roberts is a little delusional. Running as with absolutely no name recognition? From West Virginia?? At least Mayor Pete had bland charisma to fall back on as he launched a campaign from a tiny and often forgotten state. This man wants to challenge Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, and probably the likes of (God help me) Ted Cruz. He has no shot, and now he’s embarrassed himself.

I’m not absolving Rebecca’s culpability in marrying a man who doesn’t believe women should be able to control their own bodies—but you would think the man who impregnated you and trotted you out as a political icon would at least go to you faster when you pass the fuck out. On camera.

Instead, Roberts just…froze. Bodes well for a man who wants to be in charge of the armed forces and make quick decisions that will impact millions.

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