A Terrifying (True) Tale About a Haunted Shed That's Also a Portal to The Underworld

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I am afraid of just about everything and spooky season is a particularly fraught time for me and my jumpy nerves. But the one thing that frightens me above all else is accidentally opening a portal to hell and releasing demons, ghosts, or—even worse—the spiritual manifestations of my exes whom I repeatedly told to go to hell. A medium once told me it’s actually incredibly difficult to create an opening between the earthly realm and the spiritual realm, especially for a person who isn’t attuned to such things. But the night I heard my father, who has been dead for several years, call out to me, I knew she was wrong.

It’s highly likely that commenter littlekatpurr unwittingly opened some metaphysical door just trying to get their Halloween decorations out from the shed, a location in the home not often tagged as an entryway for Satan but I guess times have changed. If you are a homeowner and you don’t want to invite shed ghosts into your main house, the only appropriate response is to demolish the shed, burn the remains, and pour salt over the site where the shed once stood.

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