Adele Is Thirty Free and Chilling

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Adele Is Thirty Free and Chilling

We’ve made a grievous error here at Jezebel Dot Com. Somehow, despite all our top minds on the pulse of culture, we forgot to mention it was Adele’s birthday on Wednesday. I humbly regret this unfortunate mistake.

On Instagram, the singer gave everyone an exclusive look into her 33rd birthday celebration, which included a brief stint in the ocean and a fun, tie-dye dress. Well, that’s what she posted about—who knows if the photos literally happened yesterday.

Look at Adele go! She appears to be enjoying herself. Her hair is long and life is good and that’s really all anyone can ask for at this point. I’m happy that she’s happy.

Are you happy?

It’s a whole lot of nothing this wretched Thursday afternoon, so here is a brief look at Mariah Carey’s new Pride merchandise collection, which I will let slide because she is literally Mariah Carey.

I appreciate that Janet Mock is going to do whatever she wants, like re-appear on social media this week with a series of truly jaw-dropping portraits of herself.

Entertainment Tonight would like us all to remember that Vin Diesel can breakdance. The outlet reports:

The action star’s breakdancing skills were brought up during Wednesday episode of The Masked Singer by judge Ken Jeong. The comedic actor, known for some interesting guesses on the competition show, named Diesel as the possible celebrity inside the Yeti costume. He justified his pick by connecting the pacifier mention in the Yeti’s clue as a possible link to Diesel’s film The Pacifier. But Jeong second-guessed his choice, saying that he didn’t think Diesel was “much of a dancer.” Host Nick Cannon then launched the search for Diesel’s infamous video by reminding everyone that the actor was “a breakdancing champion.” “Dead serious. Look it up,” Cannon added. “I’m trying to help you out, this could be Vin Diesel!”

That’s enough The Masked Singer news for now. Regardless, enjoy this clip:

Final social media update of the afternoon: Here is a picture of Jessica Simpson, who is doing fine!

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