After All These Years, America Still Hates Ross


Poor Ross Gellar. It’s been nearly 10 years since Friends went off the air and he’s still indisputably the least cool man in all of America. (Is he the least cool man in the world? YOU DECIDE.) Just look at this graffiti found on East 6th Street in Manhattan, just outside of the construction site for a new mansion-in-progress that people suspect is owned by Friends actor David Schwimmer.

Residents of the East Village are reasonably upset by the construction, mostly because of the noise, dust, and — oh, yeah — how Maybe-Schwimmer knocked down a circa-1852 townhouse that was about to be assigned landmark status in order to build it.

Dick move, Ross. This is almost as bad as the time you had sex with Rachel inside the creepiest diorama at the Museum of Natural History.


[New York]

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