ALERT ALERT: Bill Murray and Jenny Lewis Might Be Dating 


According to a Page Six report and the corroborating photographic evidence above, the most indie, most hijinks-prone duo have started smushing. And my teenage nipps are razor-sharp at the thought of it.

Here’s what we know: The Ghostbuster and man about town threw a party in celebration of his new move Rock The Kasbah, attended by Lady Gaga, Kate Hudson, Naomi Campbell, and Zooey Deschanel.

“Meanwhile,” Page Six writes, “We hear one guest who showed up at the bitter end of the night is Murray’s current younger love interest, indie rocker Jenny Lewis.”

While it’s probably too early to speculate about whether or not the couple will try to conceive, it’s still worth considering what a Lewis-Murray child would look and act like if it were to exist. Would it be a macrame whoopee cushion? Or a very tiny flute? Or a beautiful headdress that is also a pajama set? Or a dog that is wearing pants?! Fun to think about. Let’s also take a minute to think about how bananas it is that Fox News referred to the singer as “former child star Jenny Lewis.”

Lewis appears briefly in the rockumentary and is set to appear in Murray’s Netflix Christmas special A Very Murray Christmas. God bless the new couple.

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