Alexander Wang at H&M Wants You to Dress Like a Funky Scuba Diver

Not that you will probably be able to cop any of these items (unless you hire one of those professional line-sitters), because people are more excited for Wang’s H&M diffusion line than their own newborn babies.

But the lookbook is out via Vogue, and his intent is clear: in these clothes you, the masses, will look like cool scuba witches (or heavyweight boxing champs) at your next art opening in neoprene-style dresses, leather-look sweatpants, WANG-branded everything (including dinner gloves), and some got-damn pool slides, because apparently we are not over that yet. It’s definitely one of the sleekest and most contemporary H&M collabos yet, as is Wang’s steez, and some of the pieces are great: those WANG stovepipe hats are super sassy, literally, as in they look like the hats Chloe Sevigny used to make for herself when she was 17. It’s also very dystopian aspiring-fuccboi, for the modern woman and man who loves to swim, or just wants to look that way.

Is this vaguely steampunk?

This look screams “beachside, Miami.” For Art Basel, obvs.

I never enter a pool without my gloves and poolsocks because I am a proper LADY.

Images via Alexander Wang for H&M

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