All the Things Republicans Blame for Mass Shootings Instead of Guns

There are nearly 400 million guns in the U.S., but these many other things like doors are probably to blame.

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Photo: Patrick T. FALLON/AFP (Getty Images)

Following the mass shootings in Buffalo, New York, and Uvalde, Texas, that happened 10 days apart, Republicans have wasted absolutely no time blaming horrific gun violence on literally anything but the nearly 400 million guns in this country. In fact, they argue that we need MORE guns, not fewer. (But of course, guns were banned from President Donald Trump’s appearance at the NRA convention in Houston over the weekend.)

It looks like House Democrats are attempting to actually do something about the crisis: They will reportedly have a hearing this week on the Protecting Our Kids Act, which would ban large-capacity magazines and raise the age at which people can buy semi-automatic weapons from 18 to 21. Next week, they’ll vote on a so-called “red-flag law,” which would ban people from buying or possessing guns if they pose a threat to themselves or others.

Republicans will probably vote against all of these measures and continue to blame their favorite culprits which now include wokeness and unlocked doors. Here are some of the wildest suggestions on what is responsible for mass shootings and the idiots who made them.

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