Amazing Donut Cake Recipe Teaches Idiots How to Make a Pile of Donuts


The Glitter Guide is a lifestyle blog for pastel humans with monogrammed stationery and actively maintained, intimidatingly comprehensive Pinterest boards. It’s also my go-to spot for getting great recipes like this one for “Donut Cake,” which is literally just a pile of donuts that comes with a set of instructions. It’s beautiful.

To make a Donut Cake, you must first gather the ingredients:

24 glazed donuts (or donuts of your choice)
Cake stand
Fresh flowers + greens

Next, roll up your sleeves, because we’re about to get TURNED THE FUCK UP in here.

1. Starting from the outside and working your way in, line the bottom of the cake stand with donuts.
2. Add a second layer, overlapping the donuts to fill the space.
3. Repeat until you’ve used all the donuts.
4. Decorate the side with flowers.

Don’t worry if it’s not flawless the first time; I’ve been working for years and it’s not exactly perfect yet. That’s the charm of donut cake-ing as a hobby!

Since the post went up last week, Donut Cake has gained a little bit of notoriety on Pinterest and Twitter. Readers, on the other hand, aren’t pleased.

Please take this down. I am embarrassed for you and the readers you think so little of. FYI – I got married in October and somehow managed to have a donut display without this tutorial!

Something tells me that this person likes to work “FYI I got married in October” into as many conversations as possible.

But as more and more people found out about the famed Donut Cake recipe, the comments got awesome.

Hooray for lifestyle blogs that assume its readers need instructions for everything that isn’t posting to Instagram. And bless this delicious looking recipe. It has inspired me to make a nacho cake.

h/t Twitter/Erin Ruberry

Image via Shutterstock

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