American Horror Story Only Has Jessica Lange for One More Season


No no no no no. This won’t do at all, Jessica Lange — winner of the Academy Award for BEST ACTRESS IN MY HEART — has recently told Buzzfeed that she will do one more season of American Horror Story and then it’s curtains:

“I’ll do one more season,” the actress says of the FX franchise that’s added an Emmy and a Golden Globe to add to her collection, which already included two Oscars. Just a couple of weeks ago, American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy said, “Every year, she says, ‘OK, that’s my last one.’” But after Season 4, Lange will say goodbye to the series for good. “That’ll be it,” she tells BuzzFeed, offering one of her signature confident grins.

I guess we can’t insist that she keeps making new episodes of American Horror Story forever — it’s just that she’s so good at it!

Lange also had this to add on her current AHS: Coven character, Fiona Good:

“The spine of the character is that thing of a wasted life,” Lange says. “The idea that this woman has gone through life basically like a bulldozer, in the most selfish, self-centric fashion. Things just falling by the wayside. Now, she’s at a moment in her life where she’s confronted by all these things — her mortality; the fact that maybe she’s alone and what did she discard on the way, like her daughter, that could bring something meaningful, but it’s too late. That Portrait of Dorian Gray element fascinates me: What do you trade off for this idea of eternal youth and beauty and how much are you willing to sell for that? How much of your soul are you willing to give up?”

Sigh. Let’s try to enjoy what time we have left.

Jessica Lange Is Leaving “American Horror Story” Behind [Buzzfeed]

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