American Institute for Cancer Research to Lisa Rinna: You Can’t Get Sick from Holding in Goss, Hun

The institution said Rinna is “just using the specter of cancer as emotional blackmail to justify airing her grievance.” Dang.

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American Institute for Cancer Research to Lisa Rinna: You Can’t Get Sick from Holding in Goss, Hun
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Lisa Rinna is always the first to admit she has a big mouth. She is also the first to admit that she has loose lips—well, and big lips…infamous, artificially big lips. And this time, those big, loose lips have found the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star in hot water with the American Institute for Cancer Research, according to TMZ.

This particular mashup of ladies who lunch have produced some of the cringiest—or at least socially disturbed—lines of dialogue in reality television history, like Sutton Stracke yelling tearfully at her castmate of color, Crystal Minkoff, in the middle of a conversation about Black Lives Matter, “I DON’T SEE COLOR,” or Dorit Kemsley saying, “Orphans and widows, it just makes you sick.” But you know what doesn’t make you sick, according to the American Institute for Cancer Research? Emotional stress directly pertaining to Lisa Rinna’s gossip.

In the finale episode of Beverly Hills’ 12th season, which aired at the beginning of October, Rinna volunteered some unsightly information about Kathy Hilton: mother of socialite Paris Hilton, sister to castmate Kyle Richards, and wife of one heir to the Hilton Hotel fortune, Richard Hilton. During a trip to Aspen, Kathy became enraged after all the gals opted to drink Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila over Eva Longoria’s tequila brand, Casa Del Sol, which Kathy’s invested in. Later that evening, Stracke said Kathy started acting “a little off.”

“She kept asking everybody to do the conga line. And I don’t think anybody wanted to do it. The next thing I know she’s in my face saying that she wanted to go home, and, ‘If you don’t go home with me, you’re not my friend,’” Stracke said in a confessional during the episode. God forbid the women participate in a conga line!!!

On the way home in the sprinter van, accompanied only by Rinna, Rinna says Kathy began screaming, “I’m going to take down NBC, Bravo. I will take down the show single-handedly. I will fucking ruin you all.” Later, back at the house, Rinna says Kathy threw her glasses on the ground, began stomping on them, pounded the walls, and screamed that she “made Kyle,” adding, “I will destroy Kyle and her family if it’s the last thing I ever do.” To quote Rinna once more: “What in the holy fucking hell?”

Here’s where things get as messy as a cafeteria food fight. Rinna brings this information to Kyle. Kyle is not interested in holding another grudge against her sister, whom she has recently reunited with after a years-long standoff. Kyle asks Rinna to stop airing whatever happened to save her relationship with her sister (meanwhile, Kathy is allegedly sending Rinna threatening texts that say, “It goes further than you would want to know. Silence is golden. I am staying silent”). But Rinna cannot help herself and in front of the entire room of castmates says she will “get sick and get cancer” if she doesn’t get the Kathy goss off her chest. Wait…what was that sound? Oh, nothing…just the American Institute for Cancer Research entering the chat.

An American Institute for Cancer Research spokesperson told TMZ that Rinna is “just using the specter of cancer as emotional blackmail to justify airing her grievance.” Not only that, but they would like the large swath of Real Housewives viewers (1.5 million of them, roughly) to know that there is “no strong evidence to support stress being the cause of cancer.” Rinna has, they say, “taken a popular (but likely false) concept” and regurgitated it to the unassuming public. The AICR seems happy to let Rinna step in her own dogshit every now and again. But spreading misinformation about how one might get cancer? That’s where they draw the line.

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