Amy Poehler and Patrick Stewart Team Up for Plastic Surgery Haikus

Amy Poehler is currently making the rounds on behalf of her newly released book, Yes Please, dispensing all manner of delightful anecdotes. And now her publisher has released a few clips from the audio version, including Patrick Stewart reading haikus about plastic surgery.

The Wall Street Journal has the goods. (Unfortunately it’s exclusive and I can’t embed the SoundCloud file, because there’s no bigger concentration of Amy Poehler fans than the readership of the banker’s beloved WSJ.) It’s worth a click to hear Patrick Stewart very precisely announce, “Plastic surgery requires a good amount of lying to friends,” and “Can I be honest? You look like a lady from the Broadway show Cats.” File that one away for future use.

Also, via E!, here is a Howard Stern interview about her failed date with John Stamos.

Image via Getty.

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