Amy Winehouse's Line For Fred Perry Is, Predictably, A Mess

  • Amy Winehouse‘s line for Fred Perry is out, and the clothes look a little like the kind of argyle-tastic thing André 3000’s girlfriend would have worn to go boating in 2003. Only shorter. [Yeeeah]
  • Model (and girlfriend of Sean Penn) Jessica White was arrested early Sunday morning after a dispute with a woman that occurred while she was leaving a nightclub in Chelsea. White allegedly pulled the victim’s hair, and struck her repeatedly about the head. White’s lawyer says, “She must have been provoked.” [P6]
  • Kitson is counter-suing the manufacturer of Nicole Richie‘s Winter Kate clothing line for, among other things, failing to secure Richie’s attendance for the launch party, and therefore depriving the fancy L.A. retailer of profits. [WWD]
  • Here is a picture of Christina Hendricks and Terry Richardson doing the Terry thumbs-up. [@Mrbillyb]
  • Naomi Campbell‘s campaign for Dennis Basso — during the shooting of which her weave pretty much fell off — is out. Tabloid writers are asking if Campbell has at last gone “too fur,” which, we mean — it’s a furrier. It would be a bit weird if there weren’t any fur in the ads, wouldn’t it? [Sun]
  • Campbell also says that the editor-in-chief of an Australian fashion magazine was once fired for putting her on the cover. As outspoken as Campbell is about fashion’s problem with racism, she has occasionally exaggerated to make her point — such as the time the supermodel claimed she’d never been on the cover of British Vogue, when in fact she has graced its cover eight times. [Telegraph]
  • Anna Wintour spoke at a Teen Vogue Fashion U seminar, and said she “recommends” getting fired. “I worked for American Harper’s Bazaar . . . they fired me. I recommend that you all get fired, it’s a great learning experience.” (Not that she’ll talk about what she may have learned at the next job she held…) Also, about that whole Lebron James/King Kong cover thing: “It got me in a lot of trouble. Uh, that was an interesting experience.” [Fashionologie]
  • A 16-year-old attendee of Fashion U said after the event, “I want to get an internship. I haven’t had one before. And I should start a blog so I’m writing all the time. I don’t know what’s going to happen with magazines, but online is really cool, too. Look at Twitter. That’s how I find out everything now.” [WSJ]
  • Selita Ebanks says when she went on a go-see at Vogue, she didn’t know who she was supposed to meet, and arrived wearing her Timberlands and, “corduroy high-water flooded beige pants with a button-down plaid shirt…I was like, ‘What up? Who am I here to meet?'” Anna Wintour was not impressed. Ebanks didn’t get booked, then or since. [MTV]
  • Lara Stone has won her lawsuit against French Playboy and the photographer Greg Lotus. Lotus sold three-year-old photographs of the then-struggling model to the magazine without Stone’s authorization, and was found to have breached her rights. [Telegraph]
  • Olivier Theyskens has a new job! The fired creative director of Rochas and of Nina Ricci, beloved of editors but besmirched by women who didn’t want to pay $10,000 for a chiffon dress, has landed at Theory. Theyskens already partnered with the brand for a collection called Theyskens’ Theory, and from next season on, he will be the creative director of the main Theory line, too. We can’t wait to see Theyskens tackle work-appropriate suits at non-mortgage-equivalent prices. [WWD]
  • Whitney Port told Ran Seacrest that The City will not be coming back to MTV. [Ryan Seacrest]
  • Fashion dynasty alert: Ally Hilfiger is launching a fashion line with the designer Nary Manivong. It’ll be called Nahm and will feature only variations on the shirtdress. [WWD]
  • Manolo Blahnik was apparently asked if he’d be doing the shoes for Kate Middleton‘s maybe-future wedding to Prince William. He replied, “I don’t even know that girl so how could I have presumptions about designing for her?” [Express]
  • Issey Miyake will be admitted to the Japanese Order of Culture in a ceremony at Tokyo’s Imperial Palace next week. [WWD]
  • Matthew Williamson says, of his planned lower-priced line Muse, “I’m pretty certain it will be at least half the price of our main line.” But he says it in such a way that one suspects he means not more than half the price of the main line. Muse by Matthew Williamson will be shown next February, and go on sale next fall. [The Cut]
  • Brian Atwood, who is also launching a lower-priced version of his shoe line, called B Brian Atwood, says he wants to expand into “gorgeous dresses and maybe a fur and great leather jackets, things that women wear and love to be dressed in. And I would like to get into handbags, jewelry and sunglasses.” And maybe also men’s shoes. [WWD]
  • Also branching out is Christian Siriano, who is adding an even less expensive range of shoes to his Payless line for next fall. [WWD]
  • Crystal Renn, on losing weight since her divorce and the publication of her book: “In the past, I avoided exercise because it brought back terrible feelings. I wasn’t ready. And I was scared that maybe I was going to be addicted again….I’d suffered an eating disorder and I used to exercise eight hours a day. But I’d recovered. It’s time to change things, to give it a chance again. I guess you could say that through my life changes and what was going on, I wanted to make some changes in my life and taking care of my health was one of them.” And also, on wearing lingerie: “When I was really, really thin and starving myself and I thought, basically, stick-thin was absolutely the only way to be beautiful, yeah, I hated wearing lingerie. Didn’t want to be naked on sets. God, a runway? Absolutely not. I would have called my agent and run home. I think it’s about setting your standards to something that’s attainable. You know, don’t set a size zero as someone you look up to in lingerie. Look for someone who kind of looks like you. You can be beautiful at any size, and that matters. And then the lingerie, that’s just the accent. It’s really about the person inside who should feel beautiful and confident. The lingerie is just an extra touch.” Not that she actually bothers with underthings, herself. She goes commando! “I’m so sorry for anyone who might be offended by my eccentric ways.” [The Cut]
  • Abbey Lee Kershaw was styled with a Michelle-Pfeiffer-in-Scarface bob for her fourth cover of Australian Vogue. The ladymag even matched its blue cover lies text to Kershaw’s eyes. [Design Scene]
  • Chanel Iman looks somewhat uncomfortable — and also Photoshop-uncanny — in Rosa Cha‘s latest campaign. [TLF]
  • This season, Chanel will be showing its métiers d’arts couture collection at home in Paris, rather than staging an elaborate show in a location like Tokyo or Monte Carlo, as it normally does. [WWD]
  • Hugo Boss is going to sponsor the New York Knicks. [WWD]
  • During the first quarter of this year, Coach‘s sales rose 19.7% on the same period last year, and profits were up 34.1%. [WWD]
  • Perfect for would-be superheros with a leather fetish: A $1,950 Belstaff jacket inspired by Iron Man, in crimson, gold, and silver. [Belstaff]
  • Chinese company Trinity Group wants to buy Cerruti. [WWD]
  • Baby Gap is selling a onesie printed with a trompe l’oeil image of a Chanel bag and sunglasses. Materialism: inculcate them young! [Imaginary Socialite]
  • Somehow, we’re much happier when fashion objectifies kittehs. [The Cut]
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