An Early Look At Characters From Disney's Black Princess Movie


Some character illustrations from The Princess And The Frog have popped up online; we think we know everything we need to know just by looking at them. Images after the jump. [Aint It Cool]

This is Princess Tiana, our heroine. Love her lilypad gown! Chances are, she’s going to learn a lesson. They always do.

This is Naveen, the handsome prince. He has a secret. They always do!

This is Ray, Tiana’s sidekick. He can’t afford good dental care, as seen in the trailer.

This is Mama Odie, the “good” voodoo priestess of the bayou. She is wise. We know this because her head is big, she is old, and she is wearing white.

This is Louie, a trumpet-playing alligator whom Tiana befriends. One can only guess his last name is Armstrong.

This is Facilier, the “evil” voodoo magician. We know he is bad because he is wearing black. Also: Good guys don’t show off their clavicles (see: Naveen). Plus, there’s a skull on his hat.

And here’s the trailer again, just for fun, and in case you haven’t seen the dentally-challenged firefly in action.

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