And we thought killer make-up went out with the Elizabethans.


When we think of killer make-up, we tend to think of our favorite sparkly green liquid eyeliner, rather than a ravenous face-pack of death. Turns out we were wrong, according to the NY Times.

Because it’s not like we have enough to worry about with global warming, the war in Iraq and when precisely Lindsay Lohan will die choking on her own vomit, now we’re being told that our lipstick will eat us. And that’s not all!

“But some small case reports published in medical journals suggest that a few substances used in cosmetics may affect hormone function in humans.
Scientists are particularly interested in a group of chemicals called phthalates — used in some nail polishes, fragrances, medical devices and shower curtains — some of which have had an effect on the reproductive systems of lab animals and can be absorbed and excreted by the human body.”

Shower curtains? We’re gonna be killed by our shower curtains? Whatever next? Attack of the giant killer bathmats?

[we’re all doomed]

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