Andrew Garfield Is Dating a ‘Professional Witch’ and I Need to Know More

Months after a fling with a Sports Illustrated model, the Amazing Spider-Man is now dating Dr. Kate Tomas and it just seems like a lot’s happening right now!

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Andrew Garfield Is Dating a ‘Professional Witch’ and I Need to Know More

Andrew Garfield—the Amazing Spider-Man himself—has dated a slew of women you’d expect of an A-list actor fronting a superhero franchise: Rita Ora, swimsuit model Alyssa Miller, his former co-star Emma Stone, and, more recently, Sports Illustrated model Olivia Brower. But as recently unearthed photos from the weekend show, Garfield seems to have moved on with someone pretty unexpected: a professional TikTok witch. That is, Dr. Kate Tomas, a “spiritual reader and advisor,” as Elle put it

After the photos exploded on social media on Monday, we all had the same question: Who is this witch??? I’m here with answers… and more questions: Tomas holds a Masters’s degree in philosophy of religion and a Doctorate in philosophical theology, both from the University of Oxford. She runs a thriving TikTok account where she frequently posts about astrology and spirituality, and, in her TikTok bio, describes herself as a “professional witch.” 

On her website, she elaborates further: “I’m a philosopher, and spiritual mentor with over 23 years of experience, and a world-class education. I teach a combination of ancient and modern spiritual practices and rituals that engage your entire being, so that you can build a life of liberation and meaning.” Elsewhere, she identifies herself as an “advisor to global leaders.” (Welp, I sure hope she’s not the one advising Joe Biden lately.) And she also makes, err, gold “talismans,” which you can look at here.

The summary of Tomas’ book on magic and witchcraft calls her “a trained psychic and master magical energy strategist,” who “shows you how to have a more fulfilling life through the power of meditation-based crystal healing using your chakras.” OK!!!

Garfield and Tomas were photographed getting fairly cozy on a double date with Phoebe Bridgers and Bo Burnham of all couples, and I… just need to know how Garfield and his witch met? How they’re friends with Bridgers and Burnham? What they talk about? Who they curse and cast spells on? I would book a psychic appointment with Dr. Tomas just to ask these very questions. And finally, not a question, but just a small point of frustration: If Garfield is into, err, eccentric women, I would have liked to be considered!

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