Ann Curry Rescued By Troop Of Swell Boy Scouts


Lately mentions of “Boy Scouts” in headlines usually precede articles about how homophobic adults are ruining a fun club for kids by freaking out about gays. But this time, it’s the sort of heroics that seem ripped right from the campy illustrations of a 1950’s survival handbook.

According to The Washington Post, Troop 368 in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey were training for a hike when they came across a woman sitting with her leg out at a fork in the trail. Boy Scout heroics…. activate!

“The Scouts sprang into action….This is what they had trained for,” Scout Leader Rick Jurgens told the latest edition of Scouting News.
“They splinted it up perfectly,” Jurgens said. “Just like in the pictures.
“The guys on their own, with no direction from me, start running into the woods,” Jurgens said. “And she didn’t know what was going on, and I didn’t know what was going on either.”

In addition to fashioning a splint, the boys were able to cobble together a stretcher, which they used to move the woman down a hill to her vehicle, where her husband was waiting. The woman was NBC news correspondent Ann Curry.

The grateful Curry sent letters to every individual member of the troop who helped her, thanking them for their “courage and professionalism.” For as the Scout Handbook says, An Enemy Of Lauer Is A Friend To Every Boy Scout.*

*Doesn’t actually say this.**
**Wouldn’t it be awesome if it did though?!

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