​Anti-Abortion Group Posts Gruesome Fetus Photos Near Elementary School

And of course they think it could be a great learning experience.

An anti-abortion activist group based in Albuquerque, New Mexico is refusing to back down after a giant poster they put up four blocks from an elementary school drew the ire of angry parents. The billboard was no simple pro-life statement. Nope, it featured very graphic and bloody (and possibly doctored) images of dead fetuses with the statement “This moral wrong should never be a constitutional right.”

Sure, it’s not directly in front of the school, but having such a graphic image even four blocks away from a school at a busy intersection is a pretty aggressive move. But despite the complaints and a request for the city to censor the poster, KRQE reports that the city can’t do shit and that Tara Shaver, a member of the anti-abortion group ABQ Protest, isn’t apologizing for shit:

“Well the billboard is not directly in front of the school. That’s not our targeted audience,” Shaver said. “I would think the more valid concern is what’s happening so close to the school.”

Did you know that just around the corner from OUR CHILDREN, a woman could be exercising her autonomy over her own body!?

“Again, it’s not our intention for kids to see the images,” Shaver said. “It provides a great opportunity for education.”

The images, which you can check out at their Facebook page, are very stereotypically graphic, but what else would you expect from the group behind a video titled, “Abortion…A Silent Baby Holocaust, We Are Their Voice?” Of course they’re going to showcase images that look more like mutilated baby dolls covered in ketchup and chicken gizzards. For some reason, I cannot see for the life of me what educational opportunity there is to be had from such images.

ABQ Protest has put up the sign several days per month for around two years, but only now has it been gaining traction on social media. Who knows how kids will internalize those images—some probably laugh it off, but it’s still pretty fucked up to display material that is meant to shock and do nothing more right by an elementary school. Come on, people.

Image via KRQE.

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