ANTM Cycle 12 Is Officially Boring

Actually it was officially boring since about the second week in, but my faith in camp, and its rapid-cycling tendency to go from so-bad-it’s-bad back to so-bad-it’s-good-again had me grasping at weave strands of hope.

It seems like everyone thinks this cycle sucks butt. I blame Thalia.

Leave it to the burned girl to be the wet blanket. If nothing else, I thought that flaming gay men and retarded commentary could breath life back into this show at any given moment, but her personality gives a whole new meaning to the term “flame-retardant.” (And it’s not a good one!)

What I did like about last night’s episode is that looking at past pictures of Tyra—which the girls had to emulate, via cardboard cut-outs—made me understand her motivations behind that ridiculous weave she sewed to Brittany’s scalp in Cycle 8. She was just creating Brittany in her own image and likeness. It all fits in with her Christ complex.

And last, and least, here’s some Paulina, just for shits and giggles.

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