Antoni Has One Too Many Avocados in New Queer Eye Music Video


To promote Season 2 of Queer Eye, Netflix released a music video featuring the Fab 5 and Betty Who. I, like Diana Morales in A Chorus Line before me, feel nothing!

The video features Australian singer Betty Who singing the show’s theme song, which is either a big deal for Betty Who or a completely normal deal for Betty Who. First, they are inside, and then they are outside. There is a catwalk, and then there is none. There is precisely one Grease reference, and it is at the end. Tan wears a corset. Jonathan, heels. Karamo touches tissues. Antoni luxuriates in the illegal deforestation and environmental degradation brought on by white America’s (and his) obsession with avocados, in what’s likely a subliminal message to all his haters. Bobby is also there.

Watch the legibly fierce video below.

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